Hello everyone, everywhere,

It’s like I can’t close my eyes and rest anymore. The world–I don’t understand this hate. Instead of just saying hello and asking what you’re about and what you’re like…they just shoot you.

The world is tired of all of this death and nonsense. There is just so much more to do. We need each other. All of us. It’s time to stop. It’s time to stop.

That’s it.


And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment..and rest. I wrote these words to make you laugh, and laugh I hope you do.


The Case of Find the Doll – Conclusion


Danny turned to Sonny. “Sonny,” he said, “you’d better get behind the counter. It might–well, it’s more than might–get rough.”

Sonny looked at Danny and said, “Okay, Danny, I’ve got to ask you. Is this mess going to ruin my reputation for fine dining?”

Danny put his hand on Sonny’s shoulder, looked around the dump Sonny called home, and said, “No, Sonny. You’ll still have your ambiance.”

Sonny ducked under the counter and said quickly, “Did you say I need an ambulance?”

Dickie said, “Boss, I thought you said you’ve till got Ambrose.”

Lester Luckless joined in with, “Did somebody say something?”

Danny regrouped his thoughts, looked at this two agents (oh well), and said, “I’ll take the direct approach. Lester, come up behind Stinky Mike, and Dick, you stand behind Denny Fork.”

That’s the skinny on that.

Dick Curtain looked confused and quietly said, “Uncle Danny. His name is Denny Spoon.”

Danny Spitz snarled at Dick Curtain and said, “Of course it is. Get moving.”

The rounders and low-lives were making for the door. Danny and the boys headed in the other direction. Through the fog of smoke, Denny Spoon saw Danny and the boys coming at them. He looked at Stinky Mike and yelled, “We’ve been made! Grab the bag and head for the back door!”

Danny Spitz grabbed Denny Spoon, and over the table they went. Fists were flying, and feet were kicking, and some were even making contact. The other agents, Lester Luckless, and Dick Curtain, Junior PI, jumped Stinky Mike and grabbed the bag.

Danny Spitz, having got the best of Denny Spoon, pulled out his piece and said to Denny and Stinky Mike, “All right, you two. Shower down and drop them gats.” (That’s tough guy talk for “Put up your hands and drop your guns.” (Maybe not in that order)).

In the bag was the doll.

Danny yelled to Sonny, “It’s okay! Get up and phone the coppers!”

After a while, the cops showed up and started taking the kidnappers away. Danny and the boys headed back to the office. When they were almost there, Danny said, “Stop here. I’m getting out.”

Lester said, “But boss! It’s thick out here with grey fog. Where are you going?”

“Dick Curtain, you are in charge for awhile. Here is Mona…no, Lorraine’s phone number. Call her and get our money. Glenda will take care of banking it.”

Dick said, “Uncle Danny, her name is Frieda!”

Danny turned, smiled, and said, “Yeah, that will work. Lester, I do my best thinking when I’m walking in the grey.”

With that, Danny turned smiled that smile hat he has and vanished into the grey fog. For now.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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