Hello everyone, everywhere,

Since I left the band it’s been…interesting, that’s for sure. I’ve yet to zero in on a plan. I’m just too tired right now to think about that.

It seems to me that I’ve spent my whole life trying to please people, but maybe it’s only been since I got my brain injury. Now the world is completely different, and though I am very high-functioning (so I’m told), I still have it. And when you get cut off from routine, it can cause craziness in your brain…very upsetting. But for me, the demise was music, and that’s all I am. If I can’t do that…Of course, I’ll keep writing, but that’s not the way I wanted to go out. We’ll talk about trust another time.

On another note, Michelle and Dean and their son Keegan rode their bikes 50 kilometers (after drinking wine all night the night before), with no training. Dean is doing pretty well on his holidays. He’s got a job list eight miles long. but he said to me the other day while we were drinking beer, “Bring it on!”. But now that he’s back home in Edmonton, I think that bring it on is getting replaced with, take it and bleep it!

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. I want to talk about this story a little bit just so you understand. If you find it empty, you just have to read it harder. The words will fill in the story, don’t worry. This is a story abut a young man way off to see his girl. Back then, just the thought of a kiss and a hug was all you could dream of. And this is a story of a man who didn’t get there. So let me present…


It starts with a dark road. Then, the sounds that cause people who live with voices to shudder.

His name is Edward Snow and he is living a nightmare. You see, Edward was on his way to Darnitt Falls to ask Virginia Holt to be his, and only his, forever. Then this misfortunate accident happened. The car caught some ice and went off the road. At the end of the crash, Edward found himself in trouble. He felt nothing in his legs, so he tried to push with his arms, but to no avail. He looked at his watch: fifteen minutes had gone by. Time was slipping.

All he could focus on was Virginia Holt. He listened–listened really hard–but heard nothing. Even the wind heard no one. Edward realized at that moment that efforts to escape were not in the cards.

Panic, fear, anger, sadness, and finally…acceptance.

He frantically searched the pockets he could get at. He found a pencil, then a half sheet of paper. From the light of his headlights, Edward took his pencil and his little piece of paper and wrote…

My Darling Virginia,

I write these words as I find myself in somewhat of a bad position.

I remember the beginning, my love. I never thought you would go for someone like me. I can still smell your hair and taste your lips. I want you to know that asking you to marry me was my only priority.

My hands are so cold, and I am so tired and hurt. Just know that my only regret is that I have to leave you.

So long ago it was hello; but now my love…

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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