Hello everyone, everywhere,

Well, this week has been astounding. I did some good walking–with Hamish I’m afraid. Hamish is my cane; when you’ve been with something so long you give it a name. Along the way, I heard a good band. I think I wouldn’t mind joining them.

Later that day I decided to go for another walk and have a beer. I sat outside and had my one beer; then when I was getting ready to go I saw this woman sitting with a younger man. I was hoping it was her son. She took my breath away. So I went and said hello, and she said hello, and her son said hello. The end. I wish there was more to tell you but that’s it. I’ll never forget her. If my friend is reading this little tale I hope you enjoy tonight’s story.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment… and rest. Until we meet again, may I present…



This one starts at age seventy-five. Once so young, and now life–which once seemed forever–passes too quickly.  Memories, many forgotten over time …perhaps lost…or just tucked away.

Charlie turned his head and remembered. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. When the sun touched her eyes that day and she smiled…well…if I hadn’t approached her that evening, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life.

Desiree took Charlie’s hand and thought, I’m glad you were the one.

With those dreams carrying them both to sleep, how else would you say good night?

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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