Hello everyone everywhere,

This week has been quite something. It went from very nice to winter within a few days. I, of course, got my seasonal cold, right on time, but this time, I followed the doctor’s orders: I stayed home and rested and drag plenty of tea. Holy mackerel I’m getting better. I’m looking forward to getting back to playing on Wednesday. Yesterday I couldn’t get up. Today I’m smiling again. The power of antibiotics.

Because I was sick I didn’t make it to the big dinner at Michelle and Dean’s place. (Twenty-one family members and not one bit of turkey left. It was hard for her because she was under the weather too). I had Thanksgiving pizza and it was wonderful–it’s nice to be able to eat at all when you’re sick.

We’ll keep it short tonight because Michelle’s barely hanging on.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. In keeping with Thanksgiving may I present…



My uncle, Bob Wilcumb, had just left the Thanksgiving table to stretch. All the family and some freeloaders (Whoops, I meant to say the granddaughters have nice boyfriends) were finishing up their meals. Uncle Bob had almost made it to the back door for his customary Thanksgiving treat–a single cigar.

But nope, there’s none of that! Aunt Maggie had turned Uncle Bob around and back to the table. That woman played old Bob like a symphony.

With a smile she said, “All right everyone. It’s time to give thanks.”

Okay folks, you know Uncle Bob wanted no part of this. Goodness sakes, it was 7:45 p.m already. But Uncle Bob knew to always be first.

“All right all right, don’t get your…oh yes, I’ll go first you pot lickers,” he said, as he gazed around the table. They were all staring at him. That would certainly unnerve even the strongest of men.

“Fine!” Uncle Bob said. “Listen and learn. Here’s my thankful list. First, I forgot my sunglasses at home so I’m thankful for the day being grey and wet. My second thanks should go to me. Mother was on me for three full days: ‘Bob will you bring the extra chairs from the back room!'” (Good thing the kids loved dragging stuff. End of story).

Uncle Bob’s third and final thoughts on giving thanks always came down to this. He smiled and said with great pride, “I look at the beautiful family that Maggie and I have accumulated. Memories…too many to forget. We got home yesterday in thirty-five minutes from across town. Good driving–damn traffic! And now it’s Bob’s time”.

And off he went to have his cigar.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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