Hello everyone everywhere,

This week has been a real hoot. I was able to barbeque three times, and I was able to sit outside and have half a beer the other day, but since then no more sitting outside. And no more beer.

The band has been in rehearsals and that’s going well. We’ve been continuing our Monday meetings:  round-table discussions. They’re quite beneficial.

Onwards. It appears that I probably did sprain my leg, but somehow I ended up with sciatica. So I have to go for physio, but because I’ve been stretching and walking and stretching and playing, it’s almost better. But I think physio will still help.

I had to go to the chiropractor the other day, and that really helped too. When my body’s back in alignment I feel better, and I’m enjoying that I’m healthy. Michelle’s baking is keeping me on track. She sends Dean with gift packages every week. (Dean’s doing well, and Mama B is still loving the cats. And the cats are still loving her).

I want to get on to tonight’s story. I need to write this stuff once in a while to give my brain a rest from the search I have to make for some of my other writing. This one just fell out of my head. So enjoy it. And if you do, tell everybody. That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest.



One fine Saturday morning, Dan Flogg took a walk downtown in good old Walkintoatree Falls, population 826. Dan was on his way to change his life. (Or at best, allow for alterations). But how would one do that on a Saturday morning? Details. Always details.

First stop: Harry’s Fine Suits. “Look for sales. Big sales.”

Harry’s was next door to Haircuts For Eight Dollars (Sometimes we get it right). Dan was elated. It wasn’t that he was a cheap man, but he was in a rush to be ready for his date with Helen Swivel that night at the annual guacamole and garlic hoedown. He took pride in being astonishingly quick and precise. (He was neither of those).

Dan went into Harry’s Fine Suits. He had never before had a need to own a suit. You see, in Walkintoatree Falls, ninety percent of the population didn’t ever wear a suit (including the women).

Harry approached Dan and said, “Looking for a suit young man?”

Dan said, “Yes, I’ve got a big date in three hours.”

Harry said, “Okay. Have you ever owned a suit before?”

“Well,” Dan said, “I think I may have had one for church when I was a kid. The thing is, my dad was Catholic and my mother was Protestant. By the time they quit arguing about which service to go to, it was always too late to go. Point made, Harry.”

Harry looked quizzically at Dan and said, “Yeah I see where you’re going with that.”

Dan jumped up and said, “I need a suit that says Here comes Dan.”

Harry sputtered, “We’d better get you measured. So we’re searching for a little room around the waist and the hips. The frumpy look”.

Fitting Dan Flogg was more than a challenge. Dan would look in the mirror and tell Harry, “These ones all make me look fat. Is that mirror rigged?”

Harry was just about to call it a day when he saw a suit way back in the store. “Young man, we might have something here.”

Dan checked his watched and realized he was down to half an hour before he would pick up his date. “Let’s do it,” he told Harry.

Harry grabbed the suit. It was very rustic—well probably because it was covered in dust. It had been there for eleven years. No one would buy it. In fact, no one would even try it on. He checked the sizes and yelled to Dan, “We’ve got  a winner!”

Dan tried the pants on. They fit. He turned around, saw himself in the mirror and said, “They’re all right.”

Then Harry helped him with his suit coat and quickly spun him away from the mirror. “Don’t even turn around. It was made for you.”

Dan said, “Just cut the tags. You’ve got a deal.”

Harry quickly cut the price tags and helped Dan with his overcoat. “Classy,” Dan thought. He paid, then ran next door for a haircut. In shock, he said “Eight dollars or not, there are some scary cuts going on here. No haircut for me.”

That night, as Dan and his date were seated at the hoedown, Dan took Helen’s overcoat and then took his off his own coat. Helen smiled, took Dan by the arm and said, “I like a man who can wear a suit with a picture of Alan Ladd on the back.”

“Oh yeah, thanks. I have a guy who fixes me up.”

Dan sat back in his chair and thought, “Good suit. Everyone is staring at it.”

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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