Hello everyone, everywhere,

This past week as been something unreal. I had to go to Edmonton on Thursday to see a specialist, so I got a whole day with Michelle and her family, and that was great.  I want to thank Michelle’s sister Georgia for taking me to my appointment so Michelle could rest. Poor Michelle has been sick for three weeks. I want to give her a purple heart because it has been pretty tough. Anyway, I saw the doctor about my arthritis and everything seems to be just fine. He told me to keep playing. Apparently, I don’t have the crippling kind of arthritis, just the sore kind.

Dean and Mama B are fine, and so are the cats. (Except Dean was in the ER on Saturday night, but everything is okay now).

Michelle and I have to Skype to do our work now, and today we got laughing.  The two of us were just about in tears laughing about nothing.

Christmas is coming, so I thought it would be nice to write a story that you can read with your kids. It’s about a little place of buildings and figurines that I collected over the years. People were always giving me things to add to the town, and I never knew what to call it, so we just called it Jimtown. Jimtown has made people smile for almost twenty years. I’ve carried it with me to a lot of places. This story is about the real magic of Christmas.  I hope you enjoy reading it  as much as I enjoyed writing it. It’s going to be a three-parter. Enjoy part one, and keep smiling.

That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts…and rest.




Our tale begins at the end of the day. Our hero–at least he thinks so–is the one and only Rossi Brown Copeland.  We find Rossi Brown on his horse-drawn wagon. He is in some kind of forest, and as he looks up, he sees the mighty trees with their branches hanging eerily as if caressing the sky.  Squirrels, rabbits, and gophers peek over their little hideouts, and with their tiny eyes, watch Rossi Brown Copeland as he proceeds on his timeless magical journey. As Rossi Brown continues down the path, he realizes he is in “the grey”. “The grey” is a feeling he gets when he is troubled or deep in his own world.  He shudders as his horse’s hooves hit the ground like exploding lightning.

Tonight is very special for Rossi Brown, for tonight they turn out the lights in Jimtown. Jimtown is a great magical place of  trees, a bridge, a skating rink, buildings, horses, and of course, many little figurines.  The moon smiles down on the little town and winks as if to say, “Get ready.” And in that moment, Rossi Brown Copeland comes out of the grey and into the light. As he does, all the figurines come to life. Oh, did I forget to mention, Rossi Brown Copeland is also a figurine, and he thinks he is the greatest figurine ever made.  (There are, however, those who would argue that statement).

On this night all the people move and talk, and every year when Rossi Brown Copeland comes down that path, he has no memory of past or future; he just pops out, and the show begins.

To be continued….


By jamesghutcheson

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