Hello everyone, everywhere,

I was lost for something to write this week but the other day I was looking out my big glass doors and saw this beautiful sea of birds just dancing in the wind. I always think that my brother Merv is a bird. I like to look at the sky and think about how he’s flying around out there. Losing him inspired me to fight even harder than I did before, but I really miss his guidance. I just miss him a lot, because that’s what brothers do.

That’s it.



Oh, what a time they are had! I watched them land in the sunlight on a majestic tree right outside my castle, so close that I could almost touch them as they chatted. It was a beautiful cool day in January.  Each had a branch and they danced in perfect harmony as the wind played music. And they were very polite. It made me happy. Because a birthday approaches.

What lasted twenty minutes will be in my heart forever. Awesome doesn’t really grasp it. Everyone was there…and then Merv flew over.

When the blue turned to gray and they had all flown away, only one stayed. He and I just stared at each other. Finally, he too took to the sky and I just yelled, “Fly my brother, fly!”

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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