Hello everyone, everywhere,

This week’s been different. I keep finding the music more and more electrifying each time I go to the room. There’s something happening there.

On another note, I have made it through the plague one again. I don’t know who keeps sending all this crap to my system, but man oh man it’s hard to fight. But I’ve decided that you just never ever give up. So I don’t. And that’s what I’m telling you. If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for you.

Michelle and Dean are doing well. Dean is quite an extraordinary man. He called me family once and I’ve never forgotten that. Anyways, life goes on.

Michelle told me I have to start cheering up. Well, I’m always up for a good one so I wrote this little tale for you all. Maybe I wrote it for me.

That’s it.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. Tonight’s tale is about five kids, some kites, and a wheelchair. Enjoy.



It all started on a field. There were five friends; eleven or twelve years old. School chums, you see.  It was a spectacular spring morning, the kind of morning that just…hugs you. Flowers were growing, trees showing off new leaves. If you closed your eyes, the breeze took you back to Mom’s fresh laundry swaying on the line. It was a glorious time to send a kite soaring in the wind.

So on that nice spring day, the kids, all five of them, decided that they would fly kites. Oh, what an extraordinary time they planned. And off they went.

As they ran around the field, the sun opened wide and the wind…well it all just seemed right. How they moved, the five of them.  Running, falling, and laughing–yes, always laughing.

Suddenly, one of the boys looked down the field and saw the sun pinging off a wheelchair with a kid in it. This boy said to his guys, “Did you see the light dance on that kid’s wheelchair? I think it’s magic!”

His friends looked at him and said, “Oh, don’t bother him. He’s broken.”

And so, on they played. The little guy stood watching his friends and yet…down the field. In a moment, yes that’s all it took for this little guy to feel something he had never felt before. He pulled the string of his kite, gazed at everything, then with nothing more than a feeling, started walking down the field towards the broken boy. The little fellow kept walking until the two of them were sort of face to face. The kid in the chair was bent funny. The little fellow bent his head and said, “My name is James G. Are you broken?”

The kid in the chair lifted his head and said, “No, I’m Bob.”

James G said, “Bob, this is my kite. I will help you hold it and together we can watch it fly.”

And then there were two.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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