Hello everyone everywhere,

I have spent this week really working hard to dig this piece out of my brain. Thankfully I have Michelle as my partner and she always helps me to get it right. You know, Stephen King once said that a good editor is everything, and I concur. I was so fortunate to find Michelle and have her in my life as my partner in this adventure. It takes her out of her comfort zone and it certainly takes me out of mine.

I never used to talk about myself and I think that has always been a problem. But lately, I’ve been sharing pieces of my life with you people because it just seems right to do it at this point in my journey. I certainly haven’t told you all of it, and I won’t until I’m ready, but for now I’m really glad that all of you everywhere are on this journey with me. When I see that people all over the world are reading my work I’m always humbled, yet very happy to know that it’s slowly getting out there.

And now it’s time to close our eyes and our thoughts, if only for a moment…and rest. Tonight’s tale is a true story and I’ll leave the rest up to you to figure out.


A True Story

This story starts with a seven-year-old boy named Eddie Swanson. Eddie was a going concern; let’s just leave it at that.

One Saturday morning Eddie got new moccasin boots. He loved to run in those boots–he ran like the wind. That winter morning he and his buddies were going to the Niagra Golf Course in Winnipeg to spend the day having adventures in the snow. Now to get to this place of adventure they had to deal with St. Anne’s Road. This was 1962 but traffic was still pretty busy then; not as busy as it is now, but pretty much steady. And the cars were all made of steel so you had to be really careful and really quick to get across. But because Eddie and his gang had done it so many times were really good at it.

Eddie and his gang spent the day running, rolling down the hills, and playing hide and seek. As the afternoon went on it started to snow and that made it even more fun. Then it started to snow really hard and the boys were starting to lose each other so they thought they’d better get going.

They got to St Anne’s Road and Eddie, being the adventurous one of the gang (and probably the dumbest), could not see either way down the road. It was a complete white-out. So Eddie figured it would be a good time to head across. I don’t know if he got two feet, but that was the last thing Eddie remembered until he woke up in a hospital bed all by himself. Eventually, somebody came and told him that he had been hit by a car. It had knocked him in the air and he landed on some rocks. Eddie checked and nothing was broken although he had a pretty bad headache and his leg was sure sore. When he got home, Eddie’s loving parents said, “What were you doing crossing St. Anne’s Road in a snowstorm? Are you crazy?”

Eddie’s only reply was, “I thought for sure I was going to make it!”

 The moral of this story is…if you can’t see across the street then don’t cross the damn thing.

That’s all.


By jamesghutcheson

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