A five ton dump truck, hauling snow on a windy cold Winnipeg night, changed it all.  That was January 28, 1998. When hurrying across the street, James met with the dump truck that threw him 100 feet down the road, and changed his life forever.  In spite of months of rehab, it took another four years before he was diagnosed with a severe brain injury.   Recently the injuries caught up with James and he was no longer able to work.  With nothing left, he began the process of rebuilding his life once again.
James G. Hutcheson, 57, a former musician from Winnipeg. Now resides in Red Deer, Alberta.  At the prompting of others, James began writing his captivating stories and a dream was born.  Welcome – to my dream.

James. G Hutcheson


4 comments on “About

  1. Well James I got my answer, Alberta, you did have a long cold winter. Keep writing and enjoy your spring, summer..

    • Yes my dear, I am Canadian. I read your post, and you are so right. Did you know, because of the weather elements, Most Canadian men, well me for sure, do worship that. But I assure you, passion is what I am. james

  2. Hi Jimmy. Its Guy Larissa’s dad. I’d like to hook you up with a good friend of mine, also a drummer. In fact he is my djembe teacher. His life was almost snuffed out as well due to the need for kidney transplants. He almost died. He is now on permanent dialysis. Music and drumming got him back and helped him through his rehab. He is very vocal and dedicated to the use of music for healing. You can find him on Facebook. Jeff Stewart
    His story is very inspiring and he also turned to writing for strength.

  3. Hi James, It was a pleasure to meet you the other evening on that patio. You truly are an inspiration! You never know when our paths may cross again.

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